11 Excellent Spots For The Best Poke in Los Angeles

September 30, 2015 by Mallory Carra

No one can argue the poké trend in Los Angeles is in full swing. Restaurants exclusively selling the dish — and its many build-your-own varieties — have been emerging and flourishing all over the city.

Recently, Chef Eric Park’s Hero Shop in Downtown L.A. and the beloved Black Hogg in Silver Lake both closed to make way for two Ohana Poké Co. shops at their respective locations.  From Venice Beach and Santa Monica to Pasadena and Carson, eateries featuring poké seem to be everywhere you look.


With that in mind, allow us to submit this compilation of some of the best poké shops in Los Angeles (in no particular order) you should totally check out to satisfy your craving for fresh fish.


1. Wiki Poki

Wikis are made by the people, and so it is with Wiki Poki poké bowls. Stop by this shop in Koreatown to build-your-own poké bowl with a starting price of $8.50. The generous portions include a base of white rice, brown rice, or salad and your choice of seafood, which includes tuna (of course) and shrimp.

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2. Sweetfin Poké

Close to the Third Street Promenade, but not too close, this poké shop lets you choose from some yummy signature bowls or you can select ingredients for your own custom bowl. If tuna isn’t your thing, Sweetfin also serves salmon, albacore, tofu, and veggies. Wash it all down with some of the tastiest coconut water Santa Monica has to offer.

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3. Seasalt Fish Grill

As the story goes, this spot opened in Downtown L.A. with poké on its menu and the dish quickly became its No. 1 draw. Now, it’s also served at the Seasalt Fish Grill in Santa Monica.. You can get fresh sesame soyed ahi, sesame seeds, and green onions with tortilla chips, on top of a salad, or — if you’re truly crazy about poké — you can get it by the pound.

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4. Poké Etc.

Tucked in the back of Angelito’s Market in Carson, Ofelia Shively’s shop serves up authentic Hawaiian poké flavored with oyster sauce, wasabi, kimchee, spicy or limu. You can get your fresh fish by the pound at this Filipino market or, if you need your poké fix right now, you can get a half-pound in a bowl for $6.95. All the poké is shown off in a glass case, just like a deli.

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5. Poké-Poké

I knew poké was become a big deal once it made its way to this spot on the Venice Boardwalk among all the colorful characters along the beach. As Poké-Poké’s website says, “poké is not merely seasoned ahi, it’s a lifestyle.” Just walk right up the window, which is located across from Muscle Beach, and order up one of five styles with or without rice: Original, spicy tuna, wasabi, Aloha, and veggie.

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6. Jus Poké in Redondo

Owners Stefanie Honda and Jeff Snow received the inspiration for this Redondo Beach eatery from Honda’s Hawaiian parents, with whom she grew up making the dish. All bowls come with either white or brown rice, along with your choice of poké style (original, spicy, shoyu, wasabi, and California roll) and a side dish (seaweed salad, edamame, spicy edamame, Hawaiian chips, pickled cucumber). And it’s poké for a good cause, too — Honda and Snow donate a portion of all proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation South Bay Chapter, which helps promote the rehabilitation of local beaches and waterways.

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7. Spinfish Poké House

This Pasadena spot is tucked away in the Mills Place alley off Colorado Boulevard, but its traditional and creative fusion varieties of the tuna dish help it stand out from the crowd. Or you can choose to make your own poké bowl. Out of the signature bowls, which have generous portions, the Aloha 808 (ogo limu, Hawaiian sea salt, chili flake, green onion, and sweet onion) and the Shaka (masago, panko, and green onion) bowls seem to be the most popular.

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8. Mainland Poké Shop

The Hawaiian trend has even invaded the very delicious row of restaurants on 3rd Street in Beverly Grove, which includes Jones on Third, Magnolia Bakery, Sushi Roku, The Little Door, and more. Mainland Poké Shop joins those eateries with its gourmet spin on poké bowls. Like many other places, you can choose from a menu of bowls or make your own using tuna, salmon, albacore, or chef’s choice.

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9. Big Daddy’s Poké Shack

Formerly the Big Daddy Shack, Big Daddy’s now has a big appetite for poké in Venice Beach — and other bowls, too. You can build your own, or go with some of the ones already on the menu: Sesame-crusted ahi tuna, salt n’ pepper grilled salmon, chicken teriyaki, veggie kale, and many more.

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Big Daddy's Poke Shack

Credit: Big Daddy’s Poke Shack on Facebook

10. Poké Bar

This fish dish is so trendy that it’s made it to the Sunset Strip in WeHo. Poke Bar is located inside a Sunset Boulevard strip mall and features some original bowls — quinoa blend poke and a gluten-free bowl, to name a few. The toppings selection is equally as creative — if you’ve ever wanted crispy garlie, chia, quinoa, or Macadamia nuts in your poke bowl, this is definitely your place

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11. Poké N Roll

This Glendale shop is all about variety when it comes to its poké bowls. Poké N Roll has a huge selection of toppings (which include smelt egg, cream cheese, “100% Parmesan cheese,” and jalapeno), and sauces (wasabi mayo, eel sauce, and soy mustard, to name a few) to mix with your custom bowl. The seafood selection is even more impressive, offering more than just tuna — you can get a bowl of shrimp, scallop, and imitation crab, too.

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Where do you love to get poké in Los Angeles? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!




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