About Sponsored Posts

From time to time you may notice that We Like L.A. produces ‘sponsored’ editorial content that appears on our website, and you may be wondering how that works.

Here’s a brief explanation:


On occasion We Like L.A. may work with a sponsor to develop content that we hope will both create something of value to our readers while manifesting awareness for the objectives of our partners. For this service We Like L.A. receives paid compensation.

Keep in mind we don’t accept all sponsored or partnered content opportunities. In fact we’re pretty darn choosy. But because disclosure is important to us, because it is vital in keeping trust with our readers, and because we are legally obligated to, you can always easily identify this kind of sponsored content through [sponsored] notations in our social media posts and a ‘Sponsored Post’ byline on all partner content. We will also provide a link to this page on those posts so you can better understand the nature of how the content was developed.

For further inquiries into our sponsored collaborations feel free to write to us at [email protected]