Shop Local, Save Money & Support L.A. Charities Through One Handy App

May 29, 2015


What if you could get a phone app that offered awesome local discounts and deals at restaurants, businesses, and entertainment venues all over Los Angeles AND allowed you to support great local causes without even thinking about it?


It’s called Good Deal L.A. and here’s how it works:

For $2 a month you subscribe to an app that unlocks exclusive deals and discounts at hundreds of local L.A. restaurants, retailers, and services. And for every dollar you spend to subscribe, a dollar is donated to a local organization in need.

So when you’re saving 10% on every purchase at your favorite local pizza spot (or deli, or bar…) you know you’re also helping keep an art walk alive or fund after school education.

It’s that simple.

Sound worthy? Sign-up up below so you can be the first to download and check it out!

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From the creators of For Angelenos, by Angelenos