A Nifty Map of All the Pedestrian Bridges, Tunnels, and Crossings in L.A.

September 6, 2014 by Brian Champlin

In a city dominated by the car, it behooves us to all make a little effort to get out and explore on foot. And when we need a little encouragement, it sure does help to have some wonderful walking resources at our fingertips.

In that we regard we owe L.A. local Ezra Horne a debt of gratitude for taking the time to compile the below map of all the pedestrian under-crossings, tunnels, bridges and over-crossings in Los Angeles.


Although it’s a really neat compilation of information, it’s safe to say the map isn’t 100% complete. But with Ezra taking requests from map viewers about any significant crossings he might have missed, it’s ever an ever-evolving work in progress.

You can check out some of the dialogue on a HiddenLA Facebook post with reader recommendations, or simply tweet at him @EzraHorne with any info you think should be added. The more people that participate, the better the resource will become!

That said, enjoy the map. 🙂