Here’s a Sweet Mashup of the Best Movies Ever Set in Los Angeles [VIDEO]

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The YouTube Channel MOVIECLIPS Trailers (presented by Fandango) put together a sweet mashup featuring some of the greatest movies ever made that have been set in Los Angeles (and a few not-so-great movies too).

Among the films with cameos include some of my favorites… Sunset Boulevard, Blade Runner, Collateral, 500 Days of Summer, L.A. Story, Boogie Nights, Falling Down, Swimming With Sharks (very underrated), Swingers, Boyz N The Hood… and many, many more.


In any case, if you’re an enthusiastic Angeleno this ‘trailer’ will definitely provide a few feels (in fact my only gripe is that Entourage takes up way too much of the screen time here).

Watch below.

[via: MOVIECLIPS Trailers]


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