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7 Soul Bending POV Videos of Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Rides

June 20, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Do you absolutely love roller coasters? Do you avoid like them like the plague from the middle ages?

Positive or negative, it seems the one common thread is that coasters seem to inspire a very strong reaction.


With that in mind, below we’ve complied  7 soul bending, stomach churning, dizzying, death defying, and quite delightful videos taken from rides at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA.

By the time you get through watching this list it’s likely one of two thing will happen…

You’ll either be planning your next amusement park visit in earnest, or you’ll never want see a roller coaster again.

Enjoy the show.


Length: 4500′
Height: 235′
Drop: 255′
Speed: 85 mph
Inversions: 0


Length: 3830′
Height: 188′
Drop: 171′
Speed: 70 mph


Length: 2700′
Height: 105′
Drop: 5
Speed: 50 mph
Inversions: 5


Length: 3602′
Height: 170′
Drop: 111′
Speed: 62 mph
Inversions: 4


Length: 3985′
Height: 150′
Drop: 141′
Speed: 63 mph
Inversions: 7

Superman: Escape from Krypton

Length: 1235′
Height: 415′
Drop: 328′
Speed: 100 MPH
Inversions: 0

Green Lantern

Length: 825′
Height: 107′
Speed: 37 mph
Inversions: Varies by weight distribution


Have a favorite memory of a ride at Magic Mountain? Share it with us in the comments below!