This Friday is ‘All Mars Considered’ at the Griffith Observatory

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Nothing stirs the imagination quite like entertaining the possibilities for human life on other worlds. And no place in Los Angeles provides a better platform for public discussion of such issues than the Griffith Observatory.

Case in point, this Friday the Observatory is hosting a unique discussion panel and book signing event that will explore the possibilities and challenges associated with human colonization of the red planet.


It’s called All Mars Considered and the event comes as part of the run-up to the brand new National Geographic Channel series MARS: Our Future on the Red Planet, executive produced by Ron Howard and premiering on Nov. 14.

Panelists scheduled to appear at the event include:

  • Author Leonard David, writer of Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet and co-writer of Mission to Mars along with Buzz Aldrin.
  • Rob Manning, JPL’s Engineering and Science Directorate Chief Engineer.
  • Andre Bormanis, co-executive producer of the fall television series MARS: Our Future on the Red Planet.
Griffith Observatory at Dusk
Photo by Frank Steele via flickr cc

The panel will be hosted by Griffith Observatory Curator Dr. Laura Danly.

Like other editions of All Space Considered, this event is free to attend. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 28.

Keep mind seating is first-come, first-serve. We suggest getting there early to line up for a spot.

For those that are unable to attend the program will also be available for viewing via Griffith Observatory TV on Livestream (



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