12 Spots for the Best Bloody Marys in Los Angeles Every Breakfast Fanatic Needs to Try

A couple of years ago I was introduced to this magical drink that most referred to as a Bloody Mary. I like to refer to it as life juice, but that’s just me.

Originating back in 1920’s, this delicious cocktail has become a staple in the breakfast and brunch worlds alike. Since there are many claims to who invented this concoction, but no set founder, I will give credit to my sister who introduced me. Also since we are talking history, I am pretty sure that it is written somewhere super important that Bloody Mary’s are mandatory to end the weekend off right. Yes, mandatory.


With that in mind We Like L.A. tasked me with locating the best spots in Los Angeles for fellow Bloody Mary fanatics to flock to, and trust me they did not have to twist my arm.

After many brunches and tasting, here are THE 12 spots to order a rocking Bloody Mary (in no particular order).

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Bloody Royale from Franklin & Co. Tavern
The Bloody Royale from Franklin & Co. Tavern. Credit: Annabelle Abouab

1. La Cita

While the basic ingredients (vodka & tomato juice) come with standard with most Bloody Marys, a lot of people are pretty picky what other ingredients get put into their drink. La Cita has found a way to please all by having a “build your own” Bloody Mary bar.

336 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
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2. Cole’s

Looking for a good kick with your Bloody Mary? Cole’s uses spices that they rub on their signature meat dishes. To top off your drink, they add a pickled egg that comes from a jar that’s sits on top of their bar.

118 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014
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3. Sunny Spot

If you are a fan of Roy Choi (food inspiration behind the hit 2014 movie Chef) then you have probably already checked out this small little haven in Venice. Aside from being delicious, what make Sunny Spot’s Bloody Marys worth the checkout are the prices. $15 unlimited brunch cocktails? Sign me up.

822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292
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4. FIG

My heart was broken when I found out that there was a ban on foie gras in California, and because of this I would never be able to taste the infamous FIG foie gras Bloody Mary. Alas, I found a new drink to ease the pain, the Bloody Maria that swaps out vodka for Reposado Tequila!

101 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90401
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The FIG Bloody Mary
The Bacon Bloody Mary at Fig

5. Cha-Cha Lounge

Sticking with the reasonably priced cocktails, the Cha-Cha Lounge offers a $6 well Bloody Mary as part of their happy hour special from 5-9pm everyday. They add homegrown marinated green beans in their Bloody Marys, which adds a different flavor.

2375 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039
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If you find yourself wandering the streets of DTLA, in search for a refreshing Bloody Mary come to KTCHN DTLA. While the glass size is a little smaller than others, Bloody Marys here pack a citrus-y punch and really have a knack for curing those hangover blues.

200 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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7. Saint Felix

One of the first Bloody Mary bars I went to upon moving to LA. My decision to come here was greatly inspired by the fact that Saint Felix uses bacon-flavored vodka in their Bloody Marys. BACON + BACON MARY = TRUE LOVE 4EVER.

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
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8. Cecconi’s

Looking to add a little class to your Bloody Mary brunches? Cecconi’s is just the place. While it is a little pricier than traditional standards, you get the VIP Bloody Mary service here. Every thing is a la carte, on a cart. And you have your own personal Bloody Mary maker using Cecconi’s aged tomato juice. This is also one of the only times it is acceptable to sing FANCY out in public.

8764 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069
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Cecconi's Bloody Mary
Credit: Cecconi’s on Instagram

9. Little Fork

Have you met Mary’s not so distant cousin, Larry? Little Fork makes a mean and delicious Bloody Larry (swapping vodka for bourbon). Nothing gets better than sipping on one while slurping down oysters.

1600 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
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Big fan of garlic? MESSHALL in Los Feliz uses a unique blend of garlic and shallots in their Bloody Marys that give it one hell of a flavor while being surprisingly enjoyable. Drinking this is sure to get rid of two things: vampires, and that guy you met last night that does not get the hint.

4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
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11. The Redwood Bar & Grill

Arhh matey, this be a mighty Bloody Mary! If you read the previous sentence in a pirate accent and crave your cocktail spicy, then you will truly enjoy Redwood Bar & Grill. Infusing their mix with spicy peppers and marinated veggies, this Bloody Mary is just the thing to arouse your senses (if the pirate decor doesn’t do it already).

312 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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12. Franklin & Company

I have saved the best for last (in my humble opinion). This by far has been one of the most unique and unbelievably satisfying Bloody Marys I have ever had, The Bloody Royale (pictured at the top of this article).

Served with a mini slider, olives, pickle, fried onion ring, roasted Brussels sprouts, pepper jack cheese, celery stalk, and bacon wrapper roasted jalapeno you are getting a meal along with your drink. Not to mention the drink itself is pretty great too. So bow down to The Royale, breakfast of champions!

5923 Franklin Ave, Los Angles, CA 90028
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Have a favorite Bloody Mary in L.A. we didn’t mention that you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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