The Best Compilation of L.A. Drone Videos You’ll Find on The Internets

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One thing I will say about drones, they certainly do make it easy and effective to get some amazing footage at an extraordinary reasonable cost compared to  (privacy concerns not withstanding).

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of awesome drone videos showing off a wide scope of Los Angeles landmarks, neighborhoods, and natural geographic beauty.


I think it’ll give you an appreciation for the sheer diversity of L.A. and maybe even you inspire to check out a part of our city you’ve yet to explore.

Oh, and if you have a suggestion to add to the list then jump to the conclusion of the article to contact us and shoot us a tip for a video to add. We’ll keep adding them as long as you keep suggesting them.


Los Angeles At a Glance

From a pool party at the W in Hollywood to snippets of the beach and the downtown skyline, this drone edit uploaded by YouTube user Claytonias F. and set to a Tame Impala soundtrack will

The Hollywood Sign

Get up close and personal with the Hollywood Sign via this edit done by Jens Eser (footage was captured on the same day We Like L.A. was doing a group hike to the Sign!).

Los Angeles At Night

Great array of night time shots from Westwood to the Grove to L.A. Live and Santa Monica. Created by Skye Cam via YouTube.

Out in Malibu

Gorgeous footage of Malibu during a 2014 surf swell posted by kaiguy via YouTube.

Venice Beach

Sweet cut put together by Nerd TV showing off a gorgeous sunset at Venice Beach and featuring the Venice Canals.

Downtown L.A.

Ian Wood’s compilation of downtown L.A. footage. Simply amazing viewpoints here.

Skid Row

Want to know what happens when the Skyecam crew tries to film with a drone in Skid Row? Here it is (HINT: You probably don’t want to try this).

In The Hills

Nerdo TV also published this compilation of footage high above the Hollywood Hills.

Mansions of Beverly Hills

You might not be able to afford to live there, but here’s an aerial tour of some of the most expensive houses you’ll find in Beverly Hills as uploaded by laspeed13.

BCrash Landing

Here’s some recent footage of a drone flying in Angeleno Heights and then, according the videographer, the drone, “lost it’s footing and decided to nose dive into the street.”

If you have drone video you think should be added to the list feel free to contact us and let us know.



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