16 Super Fun Things to Do in L.A. With Your Whole Squad

Whether it’s your gal pals, brunching bros, or oldest, closest friends, your squad is always up to explore the various parts of Los Angeles with you. The challenge: Finding activities and venues that fit your group size, tastes, and temperament.

Lucky for you we’ve rounded up some of the most unique, diverse, and simply perfect activities for you and your friends to embark on. Whether you’re down to learn how to curl, wish to wine and dine your day away, or need something more exhilarating to feed the spirit (think rock climbing or escape rooms), we’ve got options that will fit the bill.


Here’s hoping you fill this year with exciting new experience and memories! #SquadGoals

Walking in Venice Beach
Photo by Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

1. Indoor Rock Climbing

One of the most LA things you can do with your friends is try a new workout class. But what happens when you’ve gone to your countless yoga, pilates, dance, or barre classes? That’s when you try indoor rock climbing. It’s a social sport that gives you plenty of down time in between climbs. That means you and your whole gang can show up after work or on the weekend and share your frustrations, wins for the day or whatever else, both verbally and physically. This full-body workout is on the rise, with exceptional gyms in Lincoln Heights, DTLA and Culver City.


2. Learn to Curl Classes

If you’re looking for an activity more befitting of a team effort, look no further than curling. Minus the jokes and pop culture references, curling is actually an intense sport that requires participation from everyone on your team. Plus, you and your friends will laugh till you cry while learning how to play this game on the ice. We recommend checking out Hollywood Curling for $25 classes.


3. Play a Drinking Game

If you need a change of scenery from your typical watering hole, gather your friends and play a drinking game! A Drinking Game is a live-stage reading of popular cult classics with an accompanying set of drinking game rules. Here’s how it works: First, monitor A Drinking Game’s Facebook page for an announcement of their next show. Then, snag tickets (around $20 each) for you and your friends. The night of, bring your drink of choice and festive attire (mixers and water are on the house). Say your favorite lines, sing, laugh and, most importantly… drink!

4. Solve the Riddle and Escape the Room

Another great team effort activity is finding your way out of a detective’s office, an alchemist’s laboratory or a haunted jail cell. Services such as Escape Room LAThe Basement: LA, or The Exit Game offer unique and thrilling experiences for large groups of people (friends or strangers). Get trapped in a room and solve the various puzzles, riddles and questions for your key to the outside world. Note: If you make it out on time, The Mystery Gang will surely be proud!

Exit Game Lab
Solving the Exit Game took some serious thought.

5. Laser Tag

If you and the crew are in need of a nostalgic throw-back, then laser tag is the perfect solution. Lucky for us, Los Angeles has a few prime laser tagging spots including the Jungle Zone in Glendale and Ultrazone in Sherman Oaks. Bring as many friends as you’d like, split up into two teams and compete for the title on the battle field! Note: Bragging rights are always included.

6. Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for a more classy option, then wine tasting is always available at nearby wineries. A notable option is Malibu Wines. Every weekend, groups of friends will make their way up to the Malibu mountains and claim a spot in the grassy picnic area. Bring some snacks, buy some wine and enjoy the free weekend music. If you’re trying to stay local, visit V Wine Room in West Hollywood for some top-notch tastings, delicious bites and local artist showcases. For even more options, check out We Like L.A.’s list of recommendations for the best wine bars in Los Angeles.


 7. Karaoke

Whether you’re musically inclined or simply love screaming out your favorite lyrics, nothing beats karaoking with your friends. Los Angeles has some notable karaoke bars that are perfect for large groups including Cafe Brass Monkey, Max Karaoke Studio and Feel Karaoke. Be sure to make a reservation for a private room or table.

8. Trampoline Dodgeball

If you want to fuel some competition between your friends, simply bring them to a trampoline park for a friendly game of dodgeball. Venues like Sky High Sports and Sky Zone offer daily dodgeball games for those looking for a more extreme sport. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to dip, dive, duck and… dodge!

9. Ping Pong

Relive your childhood days with some summer ping pong and friendly competition. SPIN at the Standard Hotel in DTLA hosts multiple ping pong tables for groups large and small. Play bracket-style or simply compete one-on-one. You can also order food and drinks as well as socialize during downtime in between games. Bonus Tip: If you have a large group (10+) we suggest calling ahead to reserve a table or two.



10. Explore Malibu

If the weather is beautiful and you and your squad need some R & R, we suggest going to Malibu for the day. Start off with a hike in the early morning, make your way to one of the beautiful beaches, such as Paradise Cove, and find a lunch spot for some refreshing drinks and delicious food. Carpooling is a must, so make sure to plan accordingly and pack all of the necessities for a full day of fun. For more ideas, be sure to read our full list of fun things to do in Malibu.

Sunset at Point Dume
Sunset at Point Dume. Credti: Pachecho via flickr cc

11. Outdoor Movie Screening

A classic summer activity, outdoor movie screenings are perfect for coworkers, friends and even families. Plan ahead by bring a picnic blanket, some food and drinks and a game to play while waiting for the movie to start. It’s a perfect wait to relax and unwind with your friends. Check out Street Food Cinema and Eat|See|Hear for upcoming screenings.

12. Brunch

Probably the most L.A. activity that you can do with your whole squad is enjoying brunch. Reaching a new peak of popularity, brunch has become a weekend staple activity. Gather your closest gals and pals for a bottomless mimosa and french toast-filled afternoon. For a full list of our favorite brunch options, check out We Like L.A.’s rundown of the best brunch spots in Los Angeles.


13. Rollerskating

If you’re a native Los Angeleno, chances are you made it to Moonlight Rollerway for a childhood birthday party at least once in your lifetime. Well, little do people know that rollerskating is just as fun as an adult, especially when there are themed parties involved. Moonlight Rollerway hosts themed tribute nights (think David Bowie and 80’s celebrations) for adults and kids alike, including an annual Harry Potter dedication that draws wizards, witches, and muggles from all over the county.


Harry Potter Rollerskating Disco
Harry Potter Rollerskating disco in full effect at the Moonlight Rollerway! Photo: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

14. Silent Disco

If you need an escape from your club rut, grab your friends and rock out at a silent disco. These events have been popping up all over Los Angeles, from DTLA to Hollywood and even the South Bay. What makes a silent disco so unique? By wearing individual headphones, you get to pick which DJ you want to hear and dance to. Sync your music up with your friends or stay on different channels and guess what music they’re listening too by deciphering their dance moves. Check out the Silent Disco Facebook page for upcoming events.

15. Indoor Skydiving

If you and your squad are looking for an adrenaline rush, try indoor skydiving. While this is less expensive and less nerve-wrecking than outdoor skydiving, you can still get a thrill and experience the rush of falling. iFLY at Universal CityWalk offers a variety of experiences for individuals, couples and large groups.


 16. Pub Trivia Nights

If you really want to challenge your friends, invite them out for a night filled with competitive trivia. Hosted at local watering holes and breweries, teams complete a series of questions and challenges to win a prize and bragging rights. Notable trivia night venues include Red Lion Tavern, The Fox & Hound and Angel City Brewery. Action Trivia also hosts games throughout all of L.A., so simply use their interactive map and find a game near you.


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