12 Pics of the Insane Buffalo Blizzard that Makes Us Glad It Never Snows in Los Angeles

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So you’ve probably heard there’s this whole arctic blast thing that’s absolutely paralyzing the city of Buffalo, NY right now. And while we’re sitting here at 70 and sunny in good ‘ol Los Angeles, some folks are going through a true frozen hell.

Let some take a look at some of the images from the snowfall event.


Kind of puts things in perspective about how lucky we are to live where we do.

1. Let’s start with an actual weather report from 2 days ago. Yes, those are real numbers.

2. Not exactly ‘convenient’ to get to the convenience store.

3. Cracked windows much?

4. Oh, hello snow! You know you could’ve just used the front door…

5. I said use the door, not destroy it!!!!!

6. Perhaps if this was a spicy hot Doritos truck, it could’ve melted the snow a bit.

7. This the view outside a window… FROM THE SECOND STORY!!!! 

8. Need to get outside today? Gotta improvise.

9. No joke. When these folks posted it they said they’d been stuck at work for 24 hours. 

10. Airplane view of the storm.

11. The snow falls have been a major pain in the ass, and quite frightening. Still there are moments of beauty… but mostly it’s just frightening!


12. Thanks the gods, you’ll never see an angeleno’s home that looks like this:

So in summation, be glad you live in L.A., and of course keep a good thought for anyone who’s still trying to deal with the snowy madness back east!

[h/t: Buzzfeed]


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