So Here’s the Route for Pasadena’s CicLAvia Event Coming in May

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Did you enjoy the latest CicLAvia event in The Valley? Did you hear about the event and start wondering what it was all about?

Well, your next chance to participate in this massive, ongoing open streets initiative will be in a about two months when CicLAvia makes it’s way to Old Town Pasadena.


The planned 3.5-mile route is mostly a straight shot across Colorado Blvd stretching with a two main branch points (Raymond, Lake). The event will take place from 9am-4pm on Sunday, May 31, 2015.

CicLAvia Pasadena Map

In terms of getting to the event, the Memorial Park and Del Mar Gold Line stations will provide natural commute points for folks coming from out of the area who want to embrace the car-free nature of the experience.

Now, as for that 3.5 mile route…

There was a variety of opinions in a discussion that took place in the comments of CicLAvia’s Facebook page, for instance with some complaining about the short distance and others expressing the notion that some event is better than no event.

Here’s part CicLAvia’s statement of response (check out the full response by clicking on the link above):

“We’ve seen a number of comments/questions about the 3.5 mile length of our May 31 Pasadena route. Routes are determined in partnership with local government. We don’t have authority to declare which streets will go car-free and we depend upon public agencies to make that final determination. In addition, creating routes with specific minimum/maximum mileage is not part of our mission.”

One thing is for sure, this is a first in Pasadena and there are two more CicLAvia events scheduled for 2015, one in Culver City-Venice on August 9, and a remixed Heart of LA route on October 18.

Mark your calendars now if you’re keen on checking them out!



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