So Here’s the Complete Food and Chef Lineup for Coachella 2015

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For some, the appeal of Coachella has long since eroded, washed away by waves of corporatism and the relentless tides of the all-mighty dollar. I mean, it’s all about the money now, right?

But here’s one thing you can’t argue about the 2015 version of Coachella: the list of food vendors is pretty damn sick.


Headlining the 2015 food lineup will be special tasting menus from Roy Choi (POT), Kris Morningstar (Terrine), and Phillip Lee of Scratch Bar, plus a ridiculous array of restaurant vendors including L.A. favorites like Mexicali, Egg Slut, Sage, Kogi BBQ, Beer Belly, and WAY too many others to mention in one paragraph.

If you’re going to go all-out and dine VIP style in the Rose Garden, the Outstanding in the Field dinner passes will be your only chance to sample selections from some of the top chefs listed below (including Bruce Kalman, Ricardo Zarate, and Tin Vuong, to name a few).

You can learn more about costs (it’s not cheap) and tickets for dinner packages via the official Coachella website.

Scroll down to check the full list of food vendors and chefs making appearance below, which was recently made public via Eater L.A.

And of course, yeah, there’s that whole music thing, so if you haven’t seen the lineup of artists this year, you can check the full 2015 slate here, which will play on the weekends of April 10-12 and April 17-19.

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Roy Choi (POT)
Gadarene Swine + Scratch Bar
Kris Morningstar (Terrine)
Mexicali Taco & Co.
The Church Key
Full of Life
Sage Vegan Bistro
Afters Ice Cream
Verve Coffee
The Hudson
Danete’s Fried Chicken

VIP / Rose Garden

Egg Slut
Ramen Champ
Bruce Kalman
Richardo Zarate
Steven Fretz
Tin Voung
Michael Beckman
Alex Reznik
Cana Rum Bar
Las Perlas
Status Kuo
Ton’y Saloon
Kind Kreme
Vartan Abaryan
James Trees
David Varley
Jamie DeRosa
Steve Samson
Nicole Rucker

Terrace / Beer Barn

800 Degrees
Beer Belly
Top Round Roast Beef
Pinches Tacos
Kogi BBQ
Joe’s Pizza Truck
The Grilled Cheese Truck
Xoia Vietnamese Eats
Me So Hungry
Kushiyaki Dog
Sweet Clementine
Cousins Maine Lobster
Urban Pie
Ruth’s Chris

Other Options

Spicy Pie
Corn Dog + Crab Fries
Thai BBQ
Chinese Food
White Guy Pad Thai
Ribs + Chicken
Frozen Lemonade
Custom Butcher
Yeastie Boy’s Bagels
Juice Served Here

Reminder, this above list is a preliminary announcement made by Eater L.A. and may be subject to change!


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