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Is This the Most Confusing Parking Sign in All of Los Angeles?

August 22, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Does this 15 foot high totem pole of parking signs in Culver City take the cake as the most confusing in all of Los Angeles?

Even if you could manage to read every square inch of the signage with a pair of binoculars, how in the world would you be expected to sort out all the possible conflicts and contradictions that are sure to be embedded in the list of rules that are contained therein.


If you’re looking to avoid this mess, Curbed LA says that the sign pictured below is in Culver City near Linwood Howe Elementary

As far as we’re concerned, they might as well just have put up a no parking sign and been done with it.

If you’ve got any other submissions for the “most confusing” title please feel free to leave them or link to them in the comments below!