15 Fun Things to do in Ojai if You’re Planning a Visit

As part of We Like L.A.’s three-part guide to Ojai, we’ve created a list of fun attractions unique to the Ojai Valley that you might want to check out if you’re planning a visit.

Ojai is an ideal destination to get in touch with nature through scenic trails, breathtaking views, horseback riding and outdoor meditation. The city also offers a house practically built of books, a lavender festival, and delicious pours from the first certified organic winery in the Central Coast.


Not matter what you do, don’t miss the famous pink and lavender sunsets. It’s something you have to see in real life.

Your Ojai experience starts below!

ojai main street
Photo Credit: Michelle Maiello

1. Bart’s Books

Head down Matilija Street and you’ll find Bart’s Books, a corner cottage where even the exterior walls are wrapped in bookcases. A spellbinding place for bibliophiles, the indoor/outdoor bookstore carries both new and used books. The collection is extensive, from travel to art, cooking and even self help – there’s something for everyone. It might feel like a labyrinth when exploring the store, but getting lost is just half the fun at Bart’s Books.

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2. Ojai Olive Oil Co.

The Ojai Olive Oil Co. is located on the east end of the Ojai Valley on Asquith Ranch. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for farming and at Ojai Olive Co. they pride themselves on having some of the healthiest trees in the valley. See for yourself by taking a free tour (no reservations required). The property is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday. Be sure to purchase some olive oil; they bottle fresh from the barrel within days of production, making it some of the finest olive oil you will ever taste. -> More information 


3. Meditation Mount

Find zen in beautiful Ojai at Meditation Mount. Perched atop a hill, the property was built in 1971 as a public meditation center. Come to learn how to meditate and take in the breathtaking views, but be sure to leave a donation for good karma. -> More information


4. The Lavender Festival

Every June, visitors can enjoy the annual Ojai Valley Lavender Festival. Taking place at Libbey Park, the festival pays tribute to the fragrant plant that grows prominently in the valley’s Mediterranean climate. The festival features 100+ vendors selling lavender plants, jewelry, clothing and other wares, plus live entertainment and food. -> More information

ojai lavender festival
Photo Credit: Ojai Lavender Festival

5. Los Padres National Forest

This gigantic national forest houses redwoods, desert plants, wildlife from both land and sea, as well as endangered species such as the California condor. With something for everyone, the Ojai area includes the Matilija Wilderness and part of the Sespe Wilderness, the largest wilderness area within Los Padres National Forest. If you’re a waterfall fan, head to Rose Valley Falls, where a short hike will get you to a 300-foot waterfall! -> More information

6. Casa Barranca

Organic winery Casa Barranca is located on an estate featuring the National Historic Landmark originally known as The Pratt House, an Arts and Crafts structure designed by famed architects Greene and Greene. Though the winery is not open to the public, they have a great tasting room in downtown Ojai’s old historic arcade. Casa Barranca is recognized as the first certified organic winery in the Central Coast region producing Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pink Moment Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc through natural and sustainable practices. -> More information


7. Catch the famous “Pink Moment” sunset

Because of the adjacent east-west facing mountain range, the Ojai Valley offers a dusk setting available in few other places in the world. Between late December and early January, the Ojai Valley experiences a phenomenon dubbed as the “pink moment” during sunset when a pink, lavender and peach glow fills the sky for a breathtaking view unlike any other. -> More information


8. Ojai Valley Trail

The Ojai Valley Trail is the perfect place for bike riding, horseback riding, running and even strollers. The trail, just a a nine- mile stretch, hosts sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. -> More information

9. Ojai Valley Museum

The Ojai Valley Museum features an extensive collection of Native American baskets, pioneer tools, art and photographs from Ojai’s early days. -> More information

ojai valley museum
Photo Credit: Ojai Valley Museum

10. Pixie Month

The town of Ojai celebrates the sweet, seedless Pixie Tangerine during the month of April. Unique to Ojai, there are over 25,000 pixies trees and when at its peak (April), you can smell the sweetness in the air. Local businesses get together and commemorate the Pixie through themed cocktails, tangerine-inspired meals, special Pixie classes, deals and infused products. Hotels and spas also offer special packages throughout the season. -> More information


11. Friend’s Ranch

This family-owned ranch has been growing a wide variety of citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years. During Ojai Pixie season, people go nuts for the sweet and juicy tangerines, so much so that the city of Ojai has dedicated the month of April as Pixie Month. We suggest you purchase a bag or two of these little tangerines. Ojai has the perfect climate to grow the most flavorful Pixies, which are sensitive to microclimates elsewhere. -> More information

12. Horseback riding

Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company offers day rides for all ages, making for fun for the whole family. There are also sunset ride options for couples looking to share a romantic and scenic experience. -> More information

ojai valley trail riding company
Photo Credit: Ojai Valle Trail Riding Company Facebook

13. Ojai Music Festival

Rocking out since 1947, the Ojai Music Festival is described as a “transcendent musical communing.” Each year a new music director is selected and given the freedom to create a four-day immersive music experience. -> More information


14. Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market

On Sunday mornings, the Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market is the place to be. Stroll through the lively market and you’ll find local produce, fair-trade crafts and home-made goods. The biggest find for Angelenos will be Harry’s Berries without a line!!! Unlike at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, the famous berries are usually not sold out within minutes of the market opening. -> More information 

15. Ojai Day

Originally conceived in 1917, Ojai Day takes place every October and showcases the best that Ojai has to offer, with entertainment, a parade, art, food and much more.- > More information

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