Here’s a Google Map of Where You Can See ‘The Interview’ On Christmas Day in Los Angeles

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So you’ve probably heard that The Interview will indeed be released by Sony on Christmas Day (yay democracy) but you may not be know where a screening is in your area, as AMC and some larger theater chains haven’t yet settled on when and if they’ll be showing the film.

Well the LA Weekly just released a list of theaters where you can see the movie and so I decided it was my patriotic duty to take the list and map it out real quick just in case you wanted to quickly ascertain where the closest theater was where you could watch this sure-to-be cinematic masterpiece. If I see any major updates to the Chritmas Day showings, I’ll try to update the map, but it is current as of 4:00pm on December 23rd.


Merry Christmas!


And the trailer for the movie, in case you’ve been living under a rock.


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