The Great Horror Campout… Because You’re The Kind of Person Who Loves Being Scared S***less

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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who seek out horror inducing experiences because being nearly peeing in your pants over being freaked out is “fun” and those who avoid these types of situations like the plague.

For the former, check out the Great Horror Campout this coming June 5-6 over in Griffith Park.


For the uninitiated The Great Horror Campout (GHC) is a “choose your own adventure” overnight, interactive camping experience held at the at Old Abandoned L.A. Zoo.

Great Horror Campout 2015
Image via Goldstar

Campers paying for the experience can customize the scare factor to a level of their liking. On the tamer side there will be horror movies, sing-a-longs, ghost stories, and arts and crafts, while those looking for more extreme engagement can book a tent in one of four sections where they’ll be fair game to any number of visits from the Camp Creepers who will be roaming the grounds and terrorizing overnight guests.

There will also a be a “Hell Hunt” (campers compete for title of HELLMASTER), a mass grave, crowd surges, and plenty of other surprises from the Camp Headmaster. And remember you can always use the safe phrase “I wan’t my mommy” if things are getting a little too out of hand (see video below to get a bit more of the flavor of the event).

The Great Horror Campout is a 12 hour experience (8pm-8am) that takes place on June 5 and June 6. Ages 18+ only. Tents come in occupancy of either two or four guests. Ticket prices start around $109 per person (plus fees) depending on which zone you purchase and what size tent. We did see that Goldstar had some discounts available for as low as $79 (plus fees) per person for the four person tent setup if you’d like to check those out.

Either way, enjoy!


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