So KCET Has Published a Bunch of Huell Howser Videos on Their YouTube Channel

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Any Huell Howser fans out there?

If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for a minute, you’ve probably seen him before on local public television, but Huell Howser was nothing short of a local legend for his years of broadcasting stories centered around the people and culture of California.


Originally a Tennessee native, Huell came to California and chronicled our state (and our city) with an everyman congeniality and sheer courtesy that made him the stuff of local legend, even before his passing in 2011. It was also a style that made him pretty much universally beloved.

Although many (most?) episodes of Huell’s signature show, California’s Gold, are not publicly available to watch online, over the past few months KCETOnline has published (as of writing of this post) 79 individual episodes of Visiting With Huell Howser, which aimed to, “introduces us to the diverse people, places, and events that make Southern California such a unique community.”

All published episodes are available to watch via their YouTube channel, with stories covering everything from Pink’s Hot Dogs to The Bunny Museum.

Playlist of all available episodes of Visiting California embedded below FYP.

[h/t: r/LosAngeles]


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