So Who Wants to Play a Game of ‘Humans vs. Zombies’ This Weekend in Camarillo?

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Want to nerd out in the most apocalyptic way possible this weekend? Take a drive up to Camarillo on Sunday and see if you can survive a massive onslaught of the (pretend) undead using nothing but your wits and a nerf blaster.

It’s called Humans vs Zombies and what we’re talking about here is essentially a giant game of tag, but with the virtual stakes raised to the highest of levels.


Here’s a description of the game from the official Facebook event:

Humans vs Zombies is a game where a few volunteers start out as zombies, and everyone else starts as a human. Zombies must turn humans into more zombies by touching them, and a human’s only defense is to use a nerf blaster to stun a zombie for the precious few seconds he or she needs to get away. The humans must also complete various missions to improve their chances during the game. You must survive as a human as long as you can, and when you get turned, tag as many humans as you can!

For the visually oriented, here’s a trailer for this year’s event. That music tho… (sheds a tear for the fall of the human race)

Sunday’s event starts at 9:00am at Mission Oaks Community Park in Camarillo. If you can’t make it this Sunday on the 19t there’s a second run scheduled for the following weekend on July 25 also starting at 9:00am. Both events should end by around 5:00pm on the same day. Nerf blasters provided by the organizers!

Tickets to play are priced at $10 a piece, but according to this Facebook post from the official organizer, if you bring a friend who has never played before, they’re let each pay just $5. Organizers have stated that 100% of the profits raised through ticket prices will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, with Google agreeing to match 100% of whatever is raised. In 2014 the event raised $3600 (they’re hoping to beat that total this year).

If you’re planning to go, organizers would like you to register on the official website to let them know you’ll be attending.

You can see a map of the playing field here and read through the entire rulebook here.

ALSO: Waivers are required to play, and while kids under 18 can also take part, they will need a signed waiver by their parent/guardian in order to participate in the game.

Mission Oaks Community Park is located at 5800 Fieldcrest Dr, Camarillo, California 93012.


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