Koreatown Ranked #11 Best Food Neighborhood in the Country According to Thrillist

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So it turns out the best food neighborhood is Koreatown, which, it also turns out, is the 11th best food neighborhood in the country. At least according to one prominent national webzine.

Thrillist recently compiled a list of the nation’s best using the two primary criteria of 1) culinary history and 2) current happenings.


Per the list makers:

“The first factor is important because — as much as we love knowing about the new, cool spots popping up in changing neighborhoods — it’s just as important to us that these ‘hoods maintain some semblance of a connection with their food history. And the second is obviously critical because that history is constantly being rewritten by new chefs and bartenders with crazy, innovative ideas, and lots and lots of mezcal.”

Ok, cool bros.

But the omission of all other L.A. area food neighborhoods on the list begs the question, is Koreatown really the best of L.A?

We are kind of spread out, so sometimes even the word ‘neighborhood’ can be tough to define among the vast urban sprawl, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

In any case here’s how the top 10 shaped up, at least according to Thrillist.

10. Logan Circle/14th Street in Washington DC

9. Ohio City, Cleveland OH

8. Upper King Street, Charleston, SC

7. Montrose, Houston, TX

6. East Sixth, Austin, TX

5. The West Loop, Chicago, IL

4. SE Division, Portland, OR

3. Flushing, New York, NY

2. French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

1. The Mission, San Francisco, CA


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