KTLA Reporter Smoothly Shoves Shouting Man Out of Shot Then Continues Report Like No Biggie

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If you somehow missed it, this past Wednesday evening during a broadcast on the 10:00pm news KTLA report Steve Kuzj, while broadcasting live from Hollywood, just casually shoved an encroaching heckler out of the way, then just carried on with his report on the recent measles outbreak as if no big deal (video embed above).


It was actually a pretty smooth move, and I can’t say I feel too bad for the dude on the receiving end of the push, as he was clearly try to screw up their broadcast or just garner attention for himself.

Although some might have taken offense to the seeming lack of empathy that Kuzj displayed by casually shoving the man, the KTLA reporter took to Twitter to defend his actions.

Also of note: Kuzj’s twitter bio states that he is a “Martial Arts, Fitness, Technology, and Outdoor expert.”

So yeah, basically, if you’re trying to get in the Kuzj’s shot, best think again.


[h/t: Reddit]


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