Lagunitas is Opening a Huge New Brewery and Taproom in The San Gabriel Valley

Surely you’ve tasted and enjoyed Lagunitas at your local watering hole, back yard BBQ or beer fest. Lucky for us, they’ll soon be opening an enormous brewery and taproom in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Lagunitas brewery is scheduled to open in Azusa in early fall 2017 and according to Eater LA the new production facility spans an impressive 250,000 square feet, with its taproom occupying 5,000 square feet alone.


The taproom will actually be elevated above the production floor so beer enthusiasts can watch from above as their stouts are created. Keeping the brewery process in mind, the facility is set to produce an impressive 1.8 million barrels of beer per year.

The soon-to-be Azusa brewery will also feature an outdoor, 300-seat amphitheater for live events. Lagunitas plans on using the taproom and amphitheater for hosting a variety of local events in an effort to build strong community ties. Clearly, we’re already interested.

Unfortunately, a majority of the construction won’t begin until next January, so the brewery isn’t set to open until late summer or early fall 2017. Until then, we’ll have to continue enjoying our Lagunitas at home, but it sounds like it will be well worth the wait.


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