L.A.’s First Cat Cafe is Coming to Chinatown This October

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So apparently a guy created a kickstarter project for a cat friendly cafe where coffee connoisseurs could bring their feline companions for a bit of snuggle times while imbibing delicious caffeinated beverages. Who knew?

And the best part is it looks like it might actually happen, if only in the form of a brief pop-up event.


The idea is the brain child of Carlos Wong, and for at least a few glorious days from Oct. 2-5, he’ll see his dream realized.

Per the LA Weekly:

“…Wong will partner with Chinatown BID and Best Friends LA, a no-kill shelter, for 4 days of catty awesomeness. There will be cats for petting (and adopting, but only if you’re over 18). There will be costumed maids. There will be butlers! Also DJs and entertainment, such as the epic band Lolita Dark, may be on hand to amuse the cat lovers who are too busy to fly to Osaka.”

The pop-up “Catfe” as they’re calling it will operate smack dab in the middle of Chinatown at the Far East Plaza.

If you’d like more info, or perhaps even contribute to the Kickstarter, check out the LACatfe Facebook page.

And although this may be new for L.A., there is apparently a Catfe up and running in New York city if you want to check out what that looks like.



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