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10 Memes About the Rain in L.A. Every Angeleno Can Totally Relate To

December 12, 2014 by Brian Champlin

Have you heard? It’s raining in Los Angeles.

And while we each cope in different ways, there are certain truths that we can relate to about the absolute state of shock in our city caused by drops of water falling from the sky.


It Rains and Everybody Loses Their Minds

In that regard, here’s 10 memes that capture the experience of how Los Angeles residents deal with a rainy day (some better than others).

Seem familiar to you? đŸ˜‰

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1. Sometimes We Remember Why We Really Need the Rain (HINT: Not The Drought)

Rain Free Car Wash Meme

2. But Sometimes the Rain Also Makes Us Tell Littles Lies

Confession Bear When It's Raining


3. Sometimes the Rain Points Out Our Total Lack of Preparation


No Umbrella Meme


4. Sometimes the Rain Makes Us Question The Competence of our Fellow Angelenos


L.A. Drivers Suck in the Rain


5. …And Keep Questioning It

Tailgating in the Rain



6. …And Question it Some More


Turn on Your Headlights When It's Raining

7. Sometimes Timing is Everything


Rain Car Wash Problems


8. And Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make the Rain a Pain in Our Butts

First World Problems With Car


9. Some Might Think Angelenos Overreact to the Rain


Rain is No Big Deal


10. But the One Unescapable Truth of Rain in Los Angeles is This…

Traffic Sucks When it Rains

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What’ your experience of rain in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below!