News Brief: L.A. Surpasses 200,000 Cases of COVID-19

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Screencap via LA County Public Health / Facebook

In today’s roundup, we touch on a grim milestone in L.A.’s coronavirus battle and new controversies surrounding LA Apparel’s CEO, Dov Charney. Also, some details on a proposed people mover at the Clippers new arena complex. First, the news.

Morning News Rundown

Yesterday, Los Angeles passed a dubious milestone when Public Health confirmed we have now exceeded more than 200,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in L.A. County, more than any other county in the United States. There are 1,741 current hospitalized cases, with 29% of those in the ICU. 4,869 people have died, to date. [LA Public Health]


Citing 300 confirmed coronavirus cases among employees at Los Angeles Apparel, the City of Los Angeles is looking to speed up enforcement of a subpoena for records of the embattled South Los Angeles company. For his part, LA Apparel founder Dov Charney (same guy ousted from American Apparel after being accused of sexual misconduct) has denied any wrongdoing and said that Public Health is misleading the public “because they’re looking for a political win.” [KCET]

Speaking of Charney, how did his company end up getting a multi-million dollar government contract making masks for the Air Force under a program designed for small business owners of color? Short answer: We don’t know. [Daily Beast]

L.A.’s 13th District will be accepting applications for a $5,000 small business grant program beginning on Aug. 13. The district includes parts of Atwater Village, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Hollywood, Koreatown, Silver Lake, Elysian Valley, and Glassell Park. [We Like L.A.]

Remember the hubbub last week when footage emerged of alleged law enforcement officers attending a party at Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood that appeared to be in violation of the county’s policies on indoor gatherings? Yesterday, LAPD confirmed two officers were in attendance. Public Health and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control are still investigating the incident. [CBS Los Angeles]

Later today, the governor is expected to announce official guidance for the reopening of California colleges. Many schools have already decided on their own to open the fall semester virtually, with hopes to pivot later in the year to in-class learning if Public Health guidance allows. [ABC 7]

A Worthy Read

Writing for L.A. Taco, Lexis-Olivier Ray documents what happens when an unhoused individual suffers a hit-and-run and details how local government agencies fail to offer justice and aid under such circumstances (unless a member of the press gets involved, that is). [L.A. Taco]

Something Random

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: Local writer dives deep on proposed people mover to be part of planned 28-acre Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Complex. Ok, that’s a mouthful, but seriously. Louis Keene, who authors a Clippers-centric urban planning newsletter, got ahold of the grant application for the people mover at the forthcoming mega arena and spills the details in his latest post. It’s going to be 53 feet high and would have three potential stops. Neat! [Unstatable]


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