This Is What It Looks Like When A Pair of Water Spouts Form on the Pacific Ocean at the Same Time

March 2, 2015 by Brian Champlin

Thunder storms? Yup. Hail? Ok sure… but water spouts?

Well, that’s worth a post.


This morning I stumbled across this amazing capture on the Los Angeles sub-reddit, as taken by Brian Hawkins at around dusk of yesterday.

The image depicts a pair of water spouts forming off the coast of Redondo Beach just as a tiny sailboat passes by, creating an amazing, albeit foreboding, frame. The timing, it seems, had to be exactly right as Hawkins said in a post on his Instagram that the spouts dissipated within just 5 minutes.


Also, here’s a link to a larger version of the photo if you want a more high-res view.

Water spouts, as it turns out, are pretty rare, but a number have been spotted over the past few days, along with accounts of mud-slides, hail storms, and other storm related phenomena.

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