This Is What It Looks Like When A Pair of Water Spouts Form on the Pacific Ocean at the Same Time

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Thunder storms? Yup. Hail? Ok sure… but water spouts?

Well, that’s worth a post.


This morning I stumbled across this amazing capture on the Los Angeles sub-reddit, as taken by Brian Hawkins at around dusk of yesterday.

The image depicts a pair of water spouts forming off the coast of Redondo Beach just as a tiny sailboat passes by, creating an amazing, albeit foreboding, frame. The timing, it seems, had to be exactly right as Hawkins said in a post on his Instagram that the spouts dissipated within just 5 minutes.


Also, here’s a link to a larger version of the photo if you want a more high-res view.

Water spouts, as it turns out, are pretty rare, but a number have been spotted over the past few days, along with accounts of mud-slides, hail storms, and other storm related phenomena.

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