What are the Most Popular Photo Spots in Los Angeles? Here’s a Map That Shows Exactly

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Ever wonder where everyone loves to take photos in Los Angeles?

A responsive map created using Mapbox shows geotags for photos taken all over the world, including the city of angels. The result of data visualizes hot-zones where the majority of photos tend to be tagged. They call it a Geotaggers World Atlas.


Here’s an explanation of how it works, per City Lab:

“Mapbox’s Eric Fischerhas been working on the ‘Geotaggers’ World Atlas’ for five years, using locations of photos uploaded on Flickr over a decade. In his city maps, which now span the world, he connects the dots between subsequent photos taken by a photographer—representing their path in sketchy lines that criss-cross across the city.”

Not that we’re get too many surprises here, as the hot-zones in Los Angeles photos tend to be what you expect: beaches, DTLA, Getty, LACMA, Griffith Park, Hollywood Bowl…

Still kind of neat though. Check it out embedded below.

NOTE: You’ll see that the embed is automatically zoning in on London instead of Los Angeles. Not sure how to fix that. In mean time, use this link if you want to skip thumbing around the map to find SoCal.

[h/t: Reddit]


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