Guerrilla Street Art Alert: A Rainbow Bridge Made of Yarn in Santa Monica

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[UPDATE: As of the morning of August 1, looks like folks are still taking pictures of this installation on Instagram, which leads me to believe it still hasn’t been removed. Here is a link to the hashtag on Instagram folks are using: #hotteamigration]

They said it wasn’t supposed to rain until later this week, but if my eyes don’t deceive me, I think I’m seeing rainbows already.


A new guerrilla art installation entitled Migration popped up in Santa Monica last night courtesy of Minneapolis-based street artist Hot Tea, (aka Eric Rieger, aka @hotxtea on Instagram).

Rieger worked through the evening into the early AM last night with the help of friends and volunteers to complete the installation, which you can see here via his Instagram:

The rainbow bridge features an estimated 1,180 strands of yarn in around 14 different colors.

It currently resides on a bridge crossing above Pacific Coast Highway near Santa Monica Blvd. and Broadway (though maybe not for long).

Danny Jensen of the LAist got the scoop on how Rieger and his friends finished the project:

“Beginning Monday night around 8 p.m., Rieger and friends painstakingly tied pre-cut lengths of yarn connecting the tops of the bridge’s chain-link fences that run along both sides. The strings are spaced out roughly one inch apart. The colors begin with a deep purple on the side closest to Palisades Park and then transition through the spectrum of the rainbow with shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue as the installation makes its way over to the beach-side of the bridge.”

Rieger mentioned via his Instagram account that he fully expects the installation to be taken down by the city in short order, so viewers should check it out while they can.

The artist also mentioned that more photos would be coming via his Instagram feed throughout the day, so feel free to follow there is you can’t make it over to see the bridge in person.



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