The 7 Reasons It’s Not Your Fault When You’re Running Late in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city with one of the most complex and crowded transit systems in the entire world.

Sometimes navigating this system causes us to arrive for jobs, appointments, interviews and occasions a little bit later that we wanted to.


I mean, it’s not that we plan to be late. It’s not that we’re lazy or didn’t get up on time or leave on time or block out our schedules sufficiently.


Instead the result almost always arises due to one of the seven below excuses reasons, none of which are really under your control.

Just make sure your boss is on the same page next time you try to use one of them to explain your tardiness.

Now, about those reasons…

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1. Traffic was crazy

The all-encompassing, generic, catch-all that alway’s true no matter what.

Just take a look at this live shot of the current state of traffic in Los Angeles…

Sigalert Traffic Los Angeles

2. Waze totally screwed you over

So it turns out the prediction your traffic app made about how long it would take to drive across town wasn’t as accurate as advertised.

Maury Waze Meme

Also, does the phrase suicide left turn mean anything to you?

So much for saving time.

3. There was an accident

It’s not just the fact that there was an accident, it’s how your fellow commuters tend to deal with it.

Rubber Necking Meme

4. They’re building something…

Cal-trans is the state agency responsible for highway, bridge, and rail transportation planning, construction, and maintenance, and Angelenos are always thankful and appreciative for the work they do…

405 Traffic Meme

5. Angelenos can’t drive in the rain

Is there a logical reason why Angelenos drive so poorly in the rain? Maybe not.

But what’s true is that the state of gridlock is directly proportional to the precipitation level.

Losing Minds Over Rain

So how can it be helped if your late for work?

6. You couldn’t find parking

See, the thing is that you did actually arrive right on time, only street parking was a nightmare near your place of business (friend’s house, date location, etc…)

Or maybe the street signs were just so confusing that you weren’t sure if you could park there or not…

Confusing L.A. Parking Sign
Image via Google Maps




7. Obama-Jam

Finally, you can always count on a presidential visit to cause massive street closures and gridlock.


And what’s more American than to cast blame on the commander-in-chief?


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