REI is Offering a FREE Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training Class to Angelenos on Halloween

October 13, 2015 by Brian Champlin

If you’ve watched Fear the Walking Dead this year some of these inevitable questions may have entered your mind…

How would I survive? Where would I go to maximize my chances? Who would I let into my group? Why is the pacing of this show so slow?


Well, imagine the following scenario:

…a Zombie outbreak has occurred wiping out a majority of the local population and other major cities throughout the globe. Nicknamed the “Zombie Disease,” because those killed by the disease seem to be returning to life and prey upon the living. We are now facing a full fledged attack. Those of us left alive must now ask ourselves, “Where do we go from here? How will we survive and maintain the existence of the human race?”

The folks at REI, in conjunction with The Great Company, aim to help you find the answers.

This October 31 at the Great Company Loft in the DTLA Arts District you can attend a FREE Zombie preparedness class from REI that will teach you valuable survival techniques that could save your life if L.A. ever actually ends up looking like this…

Of course, as the organizers point out, these same zombie prep tips and techniques could be quite useful in the event of any more realistic disaster scenario in an urban environment.

And on the off chance we do actually experience a zombie apocalypse… now you’ll have a fighting chance.

The class starts on Halloween day, October 31, at 1:00pm and lasts about 2.5 hours.

Keep in mind that space is limited to 100 people and, as of time of publication of this article there were only 72 spots left.

Be sure to move fast to get your FREE spot!


Oh, and Christina and I both registered.

So if you plan on going, we’ll see you there!

UPDATE: Due to high demand a second class has been added for 10:00am.

UPDATE 2: Looks like all classes are filled. Waitlist is available.