Reporter Gets Fire Retardant Bath While Filming in Drop Zone

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Ever wonder what all that stuff was that came out of the DC-10’s flying over forest fires and dousing them with what looks like red powder?


Well in this instance a reporter got himself smack dab in the middle of the drop zone while covering the Cocos fire in San Marcos. The result is he ended up with some pretty cool video, and got a free red paint job for his van to boot (don’t worry, it washes out… we hope).  Our conclusion: forest fires suck, but science is pretty cool.

Video courtesy KUSI TV.

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And if you’re wondering why they make those drops, from the US Forest Service Website:

Aerially-applied fire retardant reduces wildfire intensity and rate of spread, decreasing risks to firefighters, enabling them to construct fireline safely. In many situations, the use of retardant in concert with firefighters on the ground allows the Forest Service to safely meet its responsibilities to protect landscapes, resources, and people.


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