Good Eats in L.A.: Scoops Ice Cream in East Hollywood

Scoops Ice Cream East Hollywood

There is always room for ice cream, especially when it taste so damn good that you can’t stop dreaming about it years later. When I first paid a visit to Scoops I wasn’t exactly an ice cream lover having been converted to the gelato craze. But looking at all the colorful and unheard of flavor concoctions I was fascinated.

Upon my first visit the Scoops team was more than generous with their samples. I will never forget tasting the Pandan and Oreo flavor, it was everything I wanted in an ice cream. It took me back to my Asian heritage with the Pandan leaf being a staple in handmade sweets and reminded me of my american up bringing with the crumbled Oreos intertwined into the bright sea green of creamy goodness.


After gorging myself of my favorite ice cream of all time I was saddened to find out later that they change their flavors daily. I never saw nor tasted that particular flavor again. Fortunately, Scoops is not a one hit wonder. Five years later and I am still a devotee. Gelato, who?

So why Scoops?

The ice cream is made fresh daily.

The location is inconspicuous.

A super staff and the toppings are FREE.

The Original Scoops opened in 2005 with long ridiculous lines of people waiting to try flavors like; black tea sesame, corn flakes, matcha almond, black berry balsamic jasmin and maple brûlée. Flavors sound weird to you? That’s because they are. Owner, Tai Kim is a master at blending unique flavors together to create an experience worth having. All for the price of $3, what more could you ask for?

Quick Notes

Parking here is a pain in the butt!

The meters are usually taken up by the Los Angeles City College folks. People come and go so you might find a spot if you wait a minute or two. Street parking is located on the other side of Heliotrope Drive but be careful and read the signs, meter maids are constantly driving up and down the street ticketing cars.

As for flavors, expect to find a dozen or more selections being served daily.

The creamery has also expanded in the last 10 years. You can now find Scoops on the west side, Highland park and one is set to open in China Town. East Hollywood is the original, and still my favorite.

Scoops Ice Cream (East Hollywood) Location & Hours

712 N Heliotrope Dr Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649

Mon-Sat 12 pm – 10 pm

Sun (closed)