A Replica of Jerry’s Apartment from ‘Seinfeld’ is Coming to L.A. Just in Time for Festivus

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Looking to opt out of both the commercial and religious aspects of the Christmas season?

Perhaps it is Festivus that you seek…


And what better way to celebrate the oft-overlooked holiday tradition than by visiting Seinfeld: The Apartment, a recreation of Jerry’s New York abode coming to West Hollywood starting on December 16, courtesy of Hulu (who recently acquired rights to all of the Seinfeld episodes)

The pop-up installation had a successful run in New York this past June, and now Hulu is bringing the exhibition to the west coast just in time for Festivus.

Guests at the WeHo version will be able to peruse a beat-by-beat reproduction of Jerry’s domicile, crash through a door like Kramer, pose on a chaise lounge like George, or even gather around a Festivus pole to air grievances or perform feats of strength (both Festivus staples).

Best part? It’s completely free to explore!

What: Seinfeld: The Apartment

When: December 16-20 from 10:00am – 7:00pm

When: 8445 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood

Cost: Free and open to the public.


[h/t LAist]


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