Watch a Split-Screen of What L.A. Streets Looked Like Now vs 70 Years Ago [VIDEO]

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What’s the difference between driving in Downtown Los Angeles today vs. in the mid-twentieth century?

A short film created by Keven McAlester for the New Yorker takes viewers on a journey through L.A. in a time before MOCA and the Walt Disney Concert Hall ever existed, back to the days when Bunker Hill was transitioning from a neighborhood of luxury mansions and hotels to a hub of working class residents and immigrants living in sub-divided, low-income units.


The film, entitled Seventy Years of Los Angeles, Then and Now, uses a split screen to compare vintage footage from the 1940’s of driving through the Bunker Hill and other parts of DTLA vs. contemporary footage taken along the same route.

Give it a watch below.

via YouTube / The New Yorker


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