So They’re Going to Spend $2 Million To Renovate Pershing Square

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There are a lot of adjectives or phrases you could use to describe the current state of Pershing Square, but “world class public square” probably isn’t one that comes to mind.

Well, perhaps that might be changing sometime in the near future.


Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar has spearheaded efforts to raise funds to makeover Pershing and what he’s come up is $2 million in redevelopment funds to renovate and renew the five-acre space.

Half the allocated dollars are coming from the Department of Recreation and Parks and the other million from MacFarlane Partners, a San Francisco developer with a two-building project being constructed nearby to the square (and given their proximity to the square, this group ought to be HIGHLY motivated to make this project a success).

MaFarlane has set up a new nonprofit called Pershing Square Renew specifically to “overhaul and improve Pershing Square in the short and long term.”

(Ok, so this isn’t sounding too bad…)

And from what Curbed LA is reporting, there is also a group of stakeholders who would had previously been involved in a Pershing Square renovation plan conjoined to the now defunct NFL stadium proposal in DTLA who will fold their efforts into Pershing Square Renew. They’ll be helping raises additional funds, awareness, and lead in requesting design proposals. Local real estate developer Eduardo Santana will be leading things up from this end.

Yay teamwork!

For more details on the path forward, you can visit the Pershing Square Renew website.

Check out a few instagrams of Pershing Square below to get an idea of what the city will be working with to start.


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