This is Where To Go in L.A. to Get Star Wars Chocolates Made by an Award Winning Chef

For a limited time, Faith & Flower will be offering a Star Wars inspired mignardise board as a spin on their traditional version.

The board features pieces such as a caramel-filled dark chocolate Darth Vader, chocolate Millennium Falcon, a white chocolate Storm Trooper, a Lightsaber composed of hard absinthe candy and dipped in chocolate, a dark chocolate Death Star bon-bon sprinkled in gold-dust, and Han Solo, frozen in a block of dark chocolate “carbonite.”


There is a rumor that a gummy Jabba the Hutt is also in development… Bas kah! (that’s Huttese btw, roughly translated as “Come on!”)

Developed by Pastry Chef Josh Graves, the board is available “off-menu” through the end of December at Faith & Flower.

Take a look at some of the creations below…


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