So There’s a Brand New Open-Air Shopping Mall Opening in DTLA This Thursday

If you grew-up in Los Angeles or migrated here pre-2010, then chances are you’ve seen the Macy’s building on 7th and Flower.

It was a complex that once housed souvenir shops, a seasonal Santa Clause photo op,  and countless businesses that all screamed corporate America. But times… well.. they’re a-changing.


Tomorrow, Thursday June 16, newly the revamped Downtown Macy’s Plaza hosts its first official event as “The Bloc,” a (self-proclaimed) hip, urban open-air mall.

The now pedestrian-friendly shopping center, which came at an estimated price tag of $160 million, removed its roof during construction and added artificial turf, vibrant outdoor furniture and vegetation that creates a modern, smart and trendy atmosphere.

Word is that eventually The Bloc will house unique establishments such as TLT and the cult favorite, Alamo Drafthouse cinema, but not until later this summer.

Macy’s, still standing strong, is open now, as well as the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, which houses District on The Bloc.

Despite many of the shops remaining empty until late summer and early fall, The Bloc is hosting a series of summer events.

Tomorrow at 5 p.m., The Square at The Bloc (no pun intended) hosts a performance by the Rumproller Jazz Trio.

Attendees are urged to bring their own refreshments, including wine and food, to this free concert.

If you’d like to learn more, check The Bloc’s website or Instagram for updates.


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