Tom Explores the Abandoned Hawthorne Mall and It’s Creepy As Hell

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Tom Carroll is back with a new installment of his moderately well known  hit web series exploring the awesome wonders of Los Angeles.

In this episode, Tom sneaks into the old abandoned mall formerly known as Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center.


The Hawthorne mall, once a booming mecca of retail in the South Bay, has been closed since 1999, with no current plans to re-open, renovate, or tear down. What remains is a collection of stair cases, structural beams, and empty store spaces that are creepy enough to make you think you’re living in a George Romero horror movie (or Walking Dead if you’re too young for the other reference).

Abandoned Mall in Hawthorne, CA
Credit: Tom Explores Los Angeles

The 40 acre property that once housed over 100 stores now sits deserted and boarded up, with security personnel patrolling the area to keep vandals and explorers at bay.

Frankly, we’re actually surprised Tom made it inside!

Although it’s a pretty cool L.A. relic, we’d like to remind you as Tom says in the closing moments of the show, we don’t advise trespassing into the mall and risking arrest, citation, or fine, but hopefully the visuals from the episode will be enough to quell your appetite.

Enjoy the episode.

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Map of the Hawthorne Plaza Mall



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