Vin Scully Lost His 1988 World Series Ring While Christmas Shopping… Then Found it Again

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The Dodgers Twitter account put out an A.P.B. for fans yesterday looking for Vin Scully’s 1988, which the all-time great announcer (and Los Angeles legend) had apparently misplaced while Christmas Shopping at Costco.


Thankfully, within only about 9 minutes the Dodgers tweeted out that the ring had been found, even after all hope had initially been lost.

Bill Plaschke via the L.A. Times fills in the rest of the details:

…Vin and Sandi drove home while Vin continued to remind himself it was only jewelry and paled in comparison to the large and loving family that awaited his 88th holiday celebration.

“You know, maybe God heard me say that,” he said.

Sure enough, while Vin was unloading the stacks of items, he heard a cry from inside the house. While emptying the ribs, Sandi found the ring at the bottom of the bag

Ah… Vin, you’re getting old… but damn if we don’t still love you.

h/t: Deadspin


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