Do You Want to Join the We Like L.A. ‘Secret Group’ on Facebook?

May 13, 2015 by Brian Champlin

It’s easy to say Facebook sucks because you never see the posts you want to in your feed, but we prefer to take a more proactive approach about the content we create on our blog and connecting it to our community.

Signing up for our newsletter is one way to stay connected to weekly event suggestions, but we also want to bring our readers together on Facebook in a more conversational setting


Enter… the We Like L.A. secret group… “We Like Fun Things To Do In L.A.”

Here’s what we envision for group members:

1. Suggest fun things to do around the city (anyone can suggest anything)

2. Share quality advice and feedback on doing stuff in L.A.

3. Create a positive, hate-free environment

Vista Hermosa Park Empty Bench

Vista Hermosa Park in Downtown L.A.

The goal of the group is to create an ongoing conversation about the best of what’s happening in Los Angeles. Stay informed, let us know what you think is happening that’s worth writing about, and share useful tips with your fellow Angelenos. That’s it!

So what do you think? If this sounds like a useful forum to be a part of then please sign up for the list below and we’ll send you an invite via Facebook.

Just make sure the email you drop here is the same as the one associated with your Facebook account. This way you’ll actually receive the invite when sent!

[NOTE: The email you submit MUST be the one associated with your Facebook login, otherwise you won’t get the invite! We usually send out invites within 24 hours of submission. Thanks!]

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