Spoof of SNL’s ‘The Californians’ Used to Announce Month-Long Street Closure in West Hollywood

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Sometimes it takes a parody to inform a village.

Enter: The WeHoans, a send-up of SNL’s long running sketch ‘The Californians’  which has been utilized here not just for comedic purposes, but rather as a public service tool to announce an upcoming street closure in the city of West Hollywood.


My review: It’s not lights-out funny, but it’s not terrible, and when I saw the Curbed LA post in my Facebook feed, it got me interested enough to click on it.

So good job on the concept guys. Points for creativity!

Oh, and about that traffic info… La Cienega Blvd. between Fountain and Sunset will be completely closed to traffic Mid-August to Mid-September 2015 (there’s a bunch of utility construction on the Sunset La Cienega Project).

So yeah, plan for that.

In the mean time, here’s the sketch:

This episodes is actually the first in a series that will be released via Williams Belli’s YouTube channel.

And just for sake of comparison…


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