How Are You Working From Home During COVID-19? Readers Share Their WFH Setups

April 9, 2020 by Brian Champlin
Christina's work from home desk set up
We Like L.A. co-founder Christina Champlin’s work from home setup. Photo by: Christina Champlin

‘Safer at Home’ means working from home, but everyone’s setup is a little different. Some of us have spare bedrooms or nooks to build a true home office. Others improvise, using what’s available to adapt to the situation. It could be a couch, a bed, a dining table, or perhaps a stack of unread books that now finally have a purpose (no judgment).

We asked We Like L.A. readers to submit photos and tell us about their unique work-from-home situations. Anything look familiar?


Judith Reyes is a high school math teacher. She had one day to get everything she needed from campus to be able to teach from home. Neither Reyes nor her partner (also a teacher) were able to bring home a document camera, so this is how they improvised: a smartphone, a fruit basket, a cutting board, a potato, and a squash. In this photo, Reyes records a video lesson for students while donning a pizza hat and Mathletes T-shirt.

Photo by Judith Reyes

My sister-in-law Brandy is a middle school teacher juggling her students’ lessons with her two kids, including my nephew Jack (pictured), while at home in Long Beach. Workspace at the kitchen table is tight.

Photo by Brandy Champlin

Melissa Curtin video conferences with a student from her couch in Malibu. Looks cozy!

Photo by Melissa Curtin

Melissa’s husband Mark might have one of the prettiest work-from-home views in all of L.A. County.

Photo by Melissa Curtin

Adrienne Kinsella is in an MFA Program at CSUN, but is unable to access her studio on campus. This is her home setup.

Photo by Adrienne Kinsella

Professional voiceover artist Jenn Wong is set up to deliver broadcast quality recordings.

Photo by Jenn Wong

Allison Levine has been working from home for over eight years, but decided to fully redo her office space in November. She finished in January, just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo by Allison Levine

This is my brother Jeff. Clearly his work-from-home philosophy is that shoes and socks are optional, but sock puppets are essential.

Photo by Brandy Champlin

Esther Tseng’s workspace includes lots of books, some stylish chairs, and one very chill cat named Rufus.

Esther's work from home desk set up
Photo by Esther Tseng

Jeff Heimbuch is a social media manager for a business process outsourcing company. Since the stay-at-home order was announced, he’s been working virtually around the clock providing outsourced customer service and social media support for companies around the world. The dog’s name is Pickles.

Photo by: Jeff Heimbuch

Chris Baker now works in his walk-in closet / office.

Photo by Chris Baker

Shaeba Mathew works on her laptop from a backyard swing. Her typical day includes lots of listening to the birds and taking calls .

Photo by Shaeba Mathew

We Like L.A. editor-in-chief Juliet Bennett Rylah is primarily working from bed, though she’s almost never without company. (The cat’s name is Kasha.)

Juliet's work from home desk set up
Juliet’s work from home setup. Photo by: Juliet Bennett Rylah

Animal companions can be an essential part of any WFH setup. Sometimes they get a little… nosy.

Photo by Christina Davis

Mother/daugher Coko and Destiny Johnson are big fans of the We Like L.A. newsletter—and also Post-it Notes, it seems. Thanks for reading!

Photo by Coko Johnson

Some setups, like Jessica Mendoza’s, are spare and modest: a folding chair, a tray table, and a laptop.

Photo by Jessica Mendoza

We Like L.A. reader Summer Beaty keeps her dog Zeus close at hand. Or is it the other way around?

Photo by Summer Beaty

Speaking of dogs, this boy’s name is Vin Scully (a perfect L.A. dog name). He’s an expert at keeping the chair warm for when his humans return.

Photo by Melyssa Blucher

Finally, a look at yours truly’s setup. Nothing special.

Brian's work from home desk set up
Brian’s work from home setup. Photo by: Christina Champlin

But it helps to have this little guy at my feet at all day.

Milo's work from home desk set up
Milo the dog work has been working from home for 6 years. Photo by: Christina Champlin

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