This is What it Looks Like When 100+ People Hike Up to the Hollywood Sign Together!

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Yesterday’s cool morning provided the perfect backdrop for our 6 mile there-and-back hike to the Hollywood Sign and of course the only thing better than the view at the top was the great people we were able to meet along the way.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who donated their morning to come out and join us. Christina and Gwen were counting heads from the back and estimated we had something like 100 people in our little herd (maybe more!), which still kind of blows my mind. Thankfully, by all accounts, the journey went off without a hitch!


That said, here’s some photos I collected from out Meetup group and via Instagram by way of recap for the hike if any of you guys want to see what 100 people hiking up to the Sign actually looks like.

Oh, and as a reminder, if you’d like to take part in future hikes, happy hours, and other miscellaneous We Like L.A. get-togethers, join our Meetup group so you can easily stay in the loop and RSVP when appropriate. Our next scheduled event is an extended happy hour at Cerveteca DTLA on Feb. 24th (if that sounds cool to anyone!).

In any case, maybe we’ll see you guys at the next event. In the mean time, enjoy the photos!

Bronson Canyon Trailhead
At the Bronson Canyon trailhead before the hike begins. Credit: Lilbitostyle
Group Hike to Hollywood Sign
Damn that’s a lot of people! Credit: We Like L.A.
Bronson Canyon Group Hike
Up the winding mountain we go… Credit: highaltitudeoffice


Giving Tree Bronson Canyon
Finding time to check the notes in the ‘The Giving Tree’ Credit: audivwgirl


Mt. Lee Summit
We made it to the top! Do these people look tired yet? Credit: myusernameisadam
View from Mt. Lee
Pretty epic view, clouds not withstanding. Credit: Liana
Posing for Hollywood Sign Photo
Everyone taking turns posing for that hero shot 🙂 Credit: sea_elle_sea
Taking Photo at Hollywood Sign
Glad everyone seems to have enjoyed the view! Credit: mayra_california
Flying Drone at Hollywood Sign
Somehow I missed this, but some dude was even flying a drone up there! Credit: Liana
It's the people we meet who really make the hike worth while! Credit:  Irina Vasilevitskaya
Ultimately, it’s the people we meet who really make the hike worth while! Credit: Irina Vasilevitskaya
Hollywood Sign Front View
See you again soon, Sign! Credit: hataki1990

Thanks again to everyone who came out. Make sure to join that Meetup group if you want to take part in future events.

See you all next time!


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