13 Spots to Go in L.A. When You Need to Kick the Romance Up a Notch

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Romance is a lot more than just getting it on, it’s about intimacy created between two people on a variety of levels (emotional, physical, mental).

Over the past couple years I’ve been lucky enough to be in a great relationship that’s been aided by some most excellent adventures with my gal in and around the city of angels.


And what I have learned? In a nutshell, “the couple that explores together, flourishes together.”

With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of some the best L.A. spots that I’ve encountered (thus far) in my experiences with my partner in crime (and co-founder of this website, Christina Minh) to aid in a never-ending quest for romance.

To put it another way, when you need to take the romance up a notch in your relationship, or just try something fun or new, consider one of these!


Sunset at Point Dume
Sunset at Point Dume. Credti: Pachecho via flickr

1. Point Dumme

A walk on the beach is kind of cliche, but if you’re going to pick one spot to make a special moment I don’t think you can go wrong with this amazing location in Malibu.

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2. Love Lock Bridge

Did you know L.A. has there own version of a love-lock bridge (made famous by the one in Paris) where couples have ceremoniously brought a small padlock, attached to the bridge, and thrown away the key to symbolize their union? Well, we do, and it’s right in the heart of Atwater Village over the L.A. River.

I don’t recommend bringing your own lock (we don’t want this thing falling down due to too many locks or pollute the river with needless keys), but still, it’s a fun spot to take a moment to figuratively ‘lock down’ your love. Plus, cool photo-op (see below).

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Love Lock Los Angeles
A love lock up close. Credit: Brian Champlin

3. Venice Canals

Originally conceived and built by developer Abbott Kinney in 1905 as a man-made homage to the city of Venice, Italy these canals in Venice Beach offer one of the most scenic, walkable spots in the entire L.A. area.

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4. Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Hands-down one of the most scenic spots in all of the Los Angeles. The view will take your breath away, and hopefully set the mood for a nice moment between you and your sweetie.

Keep in mind the parking lot is not huge here and you can’t go there late-night (closes by 10:00pm).

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Hollywood Bowl Overlook View
A view from the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. Credit: Gaston Hinostroza via flickr

5. Huntington Library

A romantic garden walk is always a nice way to reflect on your relationship, and with a total space of more than 120 acres and over a dozen specialized gardens and landscapes, the Huntington is truly one of the most beautiful locations in all of Los Angeles.

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6. Vista Hermosa Park

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, Vista Hermosa park has one of my absolute favorite vantage points of the DTLA skyline… like anywhere. Also, since they’ve closed that one bench spot from 500 Days of Summer (Angels Knoll) this is now my official champion of romantic benches with a view in downtown.

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Vista Hermosa Park DTLA
Credit: Brian Champlin

7. Perch Rooftop Bar

Few places better for an up-close view of the Downtown L.A. skyline (especailly when it’s all lit up at night) than Perch. Relax with a drink, enjoy the atmosphere, and earn some brownie points for proposing a great spot for a date.

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8. The Getty Villa

The Getty Center may offer more expansive views of the city and a wider breadth of art to check out, but in terms of romance the Villa feels more like you’re sharing a moment in an ancient place (and it’s smaller, which means less people overall). Plus, the grounds are just gorgeous.

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Getty Villa Los Angeles
Getty Villa. Credit: Amatullah Guyot

9. Cliff’s Edge

Have you seen the inside of Cliff’s Edge restaurant? Surrounded by trees, shrubs and strings of gorgeous lights, the wood-dominant decor makes you feel like dining in an intimate adult tree-house (even though you’re actually outside). The food is solid, but the real star of the menu is the drink program.

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10. Hilltop Park

Best in view in Long Beach imho. On a cold night bring a blanket and hang out with your date on one of many benches.

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Hilltop Park Sunset
Credit: Frederick Dennstedt via flickr

11. The Last Bookstore

You may not think bookstore and romance, but I submit that shared knowledge and/or interest is a great way to create the intimacy you’re after.  Plus there are lots of little nooks and crannies in the book lair upstairs to steal a quick kiss or share a quiet moment. In terms of the dating life cycle, I feel like this is a really strong ‘just started dating’ spot to hang out.

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12. Barnsdall Park

A favorite spot for a quick picnic with a view of the Observatory, the Ennis House and the Hollywood Sign, plus you’ll access to the iconic Hollyhock House (newly renovated). The park always hosts an array of date-friendly events throughout the year like wine tastings, art shows, movie nights, and more, but when they’re not hosting events it’s a relatively quiet space and a great location to share a private moment.

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13. Providence

Ok, ok… the budget for this one won’t be for everyone, but if you ever want go ALL-OUT and have the fanciest, most epic meal of your life, do one of the tasting menus here (it scored some serious points for me… even if it kind of killed my wallet).

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What are your favorite romantic spots in the city of angels? Let us know in the comments below!


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