30 (mostly) Free Things I Want to do in L.A. Before 2015 is Over

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Part of the work involved in writing this blog is continually pushing ourselves to go out and try (or retry) unique experiences in and around Los Angeles.

So what’s one fun way to create some artificial accountability? Make a big fat list of stuff I want to do and post it online so I can be publicly shamed if I don’t get it all done.


That ought to work, right?!?

Now, some of the items I’ve listed below are places or things I’ve never experienced before, while others might be well known landmarks/spots I’ve visited in the past but I might just really need additional photographs or fresh eyes, or perhaps it’s a gallery/museum with a new exhibit I want to see.

In any case I’m going to write a brand new piece of coverage detailing each experience, including thoughts and photos, all which will be linked below so you can see how it went. I might even make some video content…

For the most part, everything I’ve listed is ‘free’ but there are a few costs for some of items I want to do (renting a kayak, donation based yoga, parking at the Getty Villa, etc…) , which means not everything on this list is 100% free.

But it’s close.

In any case, feel free to copy/paste this 2015 second-half bucket list and give it a go, adding or amending as you see fit.

And most of all, enjoy!

The Downtown Los Angeles Skyline
Credit: Brian Champlin

x = completed

1. [ x ] Visit the Bradbury Building (8/18/2015)

2. [ x ] See a free KCRW Concert (8/15/2015)

3. [ x ] Take a photo of the Modern Heroes statue in WeHo Park (8/16/2015)

4. [    ] Hike Echo Mountain

5. [    ] Walk the Music Box Secret Stairs Loop

6. [    ] Go to the Getty Villa

7. [    ] Do a guided sunset hike at Griffith Observatory

8. [    ] Hike with Ranger Ernie one last time (he’s retiring at the end of September)

9. [    ] Take a photo with my dog at Vista Hermosa Park

10. [    ] Visit the Dominguez Adobe Ranch Museum

11. [    ] Take our Milo dog to Rosie’s Dog Beach

12. [    ] Snap a photo at the Watts Towers

13. [    ] Kayak in Alamitos Bay

14. [    ] Visit the old west set at Paramount Ranch

15. [    ] Free day at the Huntington Library

16. [ x ] Take a photo of L.A. from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

17. [    ] See if I can reproduce THIS photo

18. [    ] Visit Gallery 1988

19. [    ] Play vintage games at Royce’s Arcade Warehouse

20. [    ] Explore the Brand Library

21. [ x ] Visit the replica of the original In N Out location (8/20/2015)

22. [    ] Visit the Hammer Museum

23. [    ] See what’s new at the Regen Projects

24. [    ] Yoga on the bluff

25. [    ] Spend a day in Topanga Canyon

26. [    ] Pay a visit to Wacko’s Soap Plant

27. [    ] Go to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market (and make a big meal from what we buy!)

28. [    ] Photoshoot at the Old L.A. Zoo

29. [    ] Meditate for an hour at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth

30. [    ] Take a photo from the Hollywood Bowl Overlook

What do you want to do in L.A. before 2015 is over? Let us know in the comments below!



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