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Here is 360 Degree Video of the Lightsaber Battle in Pershing Square Last Night

December 19, 2015 by Brian Champlin

If you read the blog on a consistent basis you were probably aware that organizers were promoting a huge public lightsaber battle in downtown Los Angeles last night with the idea in mind to make it the largest such meet-up in recorded history.

Maybe you even went.


Well, somebody was at Pershing Square yesterday evening with a Theta S digital camera in hand and captured (some pretty sick) 360 degree video (yeah that’s a thing now on YouTube) of the “battle” as it commenced while dance music blared in the background.

Take a look for yourself below…

(You can pan the video angle put clicking on the video and moving your cursor)

via InSphere / YouTube

For a few alternative photographic perspectives of last night’s affair, you can check out the hashtag #pershingsquare on Instagram and see quite a few selfies, group shots, and lightsaber moves.

Not sure if I’m amazed or just confounded by the behavior of my fellow Star Wars enthusiasts, but regardless, that sure is a lot of people waving colorful sticks at each other!

[h/t: Reddit]