The 15 Best Places To Eat in L.A. on a Rainy Day (In Our Humble Opinion)

When the sky turns gray and tiny droplets of water begin falling from above angelenos tend to go into a state of panic (only half kidding here).

But instead of rolling up in a ball on the couch and eating instant noodles, we want to inspire you to brave the damp weather and go out and try something new. After all, nothing combats a (rare) dreary Los Angeles day better than warm soups, hot pies and awesome fried stuff.


The rain tends to chase away the crowds, making it a fine time to try out a busy restaurant that normally has a waitlist. Or maybe you’ll opt to order some delicious take out and kick up your Netflix and chill game to next-level status.

Whatever you do, just don’t let the rain keep you down!

List starts after the jump in no particular order.

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Rainbow during rainy day in Los Angeles
A rare rainy day in Los Angeles. Credit: Kevin Wong via flickr

1. Get Dumplings At Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is probably the most famous dumpling house in all of Los Angeles. Steamed, juicy dumplings come out piping hot, perfect for warming up your insides. Aside from the many dumpling options, make sure to order the Shanghai rice cakes and some warm dessert buns to finish the meal.

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2. Matzo Ball Soup At Greenblatt’s Delicatessen

If you like chicken soup, try the Matzo Ball soup at Greenblatt’s on Sunset Boulevard. Matzo is a Jewish soup dumpling made of matzah meal, eggs and a bit of fat, the texture is spongy and lightly flavored it makes a good alternative to noodles. This place is a small restaurant/deli/wine shop so grab a pastrami and a bottle of wine to make one epic meal.

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3. Pot Pie At Aussie Pie Kitchen

With a pie crust on the bottom and a croissant dough on top, Aussie Pie Kitchen’s pot pies are super flakey and crazy delicious. Folks have the option to layer their pies with a side. For example the Tiger Stack starts with a layer of garlic mashed Yukon gold potatoes, minty mushed peas and topped with creamy gravy. I would drive in a monsoon for this.

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4. Pho At Golden Deli

An instant warm up, pho on a cold rainy day is a great choice, especially when you can order up some crunchy egg rolls to go with your noodle soup. They also have a huge assortment of cupcakes here. Kind of random but at least you don’t have to go anywhere else for dessert.

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5. Pierogis At Warszawa

Warszawa serves up great Polish food in Santa Monica. On a dreary day pierogis are just the thing to lift your spirits, these pocket shaped dumplings are filled with ingredients such as cheese and potatoes, wild mushroom and chicken- total comfort food.

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6. Chicken Tortilla Soup At Zumayas

Just look at the picture (below), isn’t it beautiful? Filled with fresh chunks of creamy avocado, tortilla strips, chunks of shredded chicken and sliced jalapenos, this soup will warm up your belly just like homemade stuff your grandmother used to make.

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7. Eat A Ghost Chili At Bhanu’s Indian Grocery & Cuisine

Heat things up and eat a dish with one of the worlds hottest peppers in it. Located in the city of San Gabriel Bhanu offers ghost chilies on the menu, request it in various dishes and adjust the level of spicy to your liking but approach with caution.

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8. Shabu Shabu House

On a normal day folks flock here for the freshly sliced cuts of tender red meat, a perfect ponzu sauce and a chance to learn the art of simplicity that is Japanese Shabu Shabu. Take advantage of the rain and go when there’s a chance to get seated right away. Heads up it’s cash only.

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9. Play Arcade Games And Eat At Starry Kitchen

Come for the food AND arcade, conveniently housed in one place. Entertain yourself with some old school arcade games, toss back a couple beers and order up some bright green tofu balls- crunchy, hot out of the frier and ohh so addicting.

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10. Genwa Korean BBQ

Grill your troubles away at this Korean BBQ spot in DTLA. Your meal come in several course options with a generous amount of dishes, so bring some friends and make it a group thing. The smokeless grills will cook up perfectly grilled meats but won’t leave you smelling like you’ve been at a BBQ cook out all day.

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11. Slurp Down Some Ramen At Daikokuya

Can’t stomach the wait at this popular Japanese ramen spot? Come on a rainy day instead! Angelenos all go in hiding when it’s raining! Order the Daikoku ramen with their famous Tonkutsu soup served with Chijeri style egg noodles, Kurobuta pork belly, a marinated boiled egg and bamboo shoots. This place is cash only so plan accordingly.

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12. Sip Mexican Chocolate And Eat Churros At Churros Calientes

Order the churro hot chocolate combo, a thick Mexican hot chocolate made for sipping is served with your churros to dip. YUM!

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13. Han Bat Sul Lang Tang

Sul Lang Tang is a Korean soup believed to cure hangovers because of its restorative properties. Strengthen your immune with their famous ox bone broth, a milky white soup with your choice of meat that range from brisket to tripe and tendon. This place only has two items on the menu the sul lang tang and boiled beef soup it’s what they specialize in. The soup comes out a bit bland to allow people to customize the flavors with salt and kimchi.

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14. Cassia

Chef Bryant Ng is cooking some of the best Southeast Asian food on the Westside. Beating back those winter colds with a Vietnamese style Pot Au Feu. This play off the traditional French dish features a spiced pho broth, along with Creekstone Farms short rib, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and a side of grilled bread to smear with the bone marrow or sides of housemade Bird’s Eye chile sauce and a walnut mustard.

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15. Mac And Cheese Pie At Pie Hole

Cheese, carbs and more carbs, this glorious creation is housed in a puff pastry easy for eating with your hands. After trying this savory pie go for something sweet and reflect on how you just ate two pies in one meal!

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Where are your favorite places in eat in L.A. when it rains? Let us know in the comments below!


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