Here’s a Cool Time Lapse of the Demolition of The 6th Street Bridge

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You may or may not have have been affected by the 101 slow-jam that blocked off portions of the freeway around downtown L.A. over the first weekend of February, but you may be interested to see just exactly the demolition crew was working on.

For the curious, below you’ll find a time lapse of the first phase of the demolition process of the 6th Street Bridge.


During the 40-hour closure a 250-ft. portion of the bridge that hung over the 101 freeway was removed.

And here’s what it looked like…

via CaltransD7 / YouTube

This first leg of the demolition is just one step in a journey to deconstruct the bridge that will take around 9 months.

The replacement bridge is schedule to be completed in 2019.


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