10 Amazing Aerial Photographs of L.A. That’ll Give You A New Appreciation for the Beauty of Our City

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If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know we’re big fans of popular L.A. Instagram accounts such as @cole_younger_, @dylan.schwartz, and @acer.1, who are just a few among a handful of photographers who utilize the piloting services of @copterpilot to shoot some amazing aerial footage of Los Angeles.

Here’s one such video below featuring a rotating 360 degree shot of Griffith Observatory. And yup, it’s as spectacular as it sounds (though all too brief!).


And if you like this shot, check out more of these aerial photographs of Los Angeles captured via photographers hitching a ride on the chopper. I promise you, you’ll never look at L.A. quite the same!

(And if you like the work below, I strongly urge you to follow all of these guys on Instagram!)

If you’re interested in booking a flight with @copterpilot, you can check out his website for rates!


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