17 Things You Should’ve Read About L.A. This Week But Might Have Missed [9-26-2014]

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Need some items for your fall to-do list? Maybe you’re looking for some places to geek out in L.A? Or maybe you just want to catch up on the latest rumblings in and around Los Angeles over the past week.

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Stories start after the jump!

[Here’s last week’s rundown if you need to catch up on the last two weeks]

    1. Starting to put together a fall to-do list? Here’s 16 great ideas for stuff to do this fall in L.A. [welikela.com]
    2. Goole surprised L.A. teachers by flash-funding ALL of the Los Angeles area donorschoose.org projects [welikela.com]
    3. Are you a geek at heart? Here’s 10 spots in L.A. where you can totally nerd out and get in touch with your inner geek [welikela.com]
    4. By 2025 L.A.’s population is expected to increase by 38% [welikela.com]
    5. The City of Seal Beach voted to start trapping and killing coyotes [latimes.com]
    6. A terrified woman hides on her roof while break-in suspect looms inside home [laist.com]
    7. A fried chicken and waffle cone pop-up restaurant is coming to L.A., but it’s this Saturday only [welikela.com]
    8. New owner of the Clippers really doesn’t want anyone in his organization using Apple products [latimes.com]
    9. Seriously? LAPD has to issue a statement for new iPhone 6 users NOT to recharge their devices in the microwave [latimes.com]
    10. If you’re looking for stuff to do this weekend, here’ the LAist’s weekly rundown [laist.com]
    11. The L.A. City Council voted 12-0 in favor of a proposal that would allow citizens to text 9-1-1 [laist.com]
    12. Catalina Express passengers applaud after police arrest obnoxious passenger who had jumped overboard [laist.com]
    13. Some amazing photos of Aliso Street before it became the 101 freeway [kcet.org]
    14. 10 amazing aerial photos of L.A. that’ll give you a new appreciate for our city [welikela.com]
    15. Daughter of LAPD officer sentenced to 2 years for killing bicyclist in Gardena, then driving away [dailybreeze.com]
    16. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles are threatening to shutdown ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft [time.com]
    17. REMINDER: The Dodger Stadium Express will run from Union Station and Harbor Gateway for the playoffs [metro.net]

This week’s photo, a great moment captured by our Instagram friend @rickysantos1 of a grandfather and granddaughter at what I believe i Echo Park Lake. Nice one Ricky!

If you want to put your photo out there for us to feature, just make sure to use hashtag #WeLikeLA on Instagram or twitter, or simply send it our way via message on Facebook or by posting it to our page.

Thanks, and we’ll see you next week!


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